Cyber attacks by external individuals and organizations against businesses—the recent breach, for example—make headlines regularly. What's not as widely known, however, are insider attacks where individuals inside a company use their elevated privileges or information to steal information or sabotage corporate assets. Why? Insider attacks are often not discovered, or not reported when they are discovered due to the embarrassment of the breach. In this seminar, Windows IT Pro technical director and nine-time Microsoft directory services MVP Sean Deuby will take you through a rogue's gallery of insider attacks, how they occurred, their impact to the company, and how they might have been prevented with proper IT security. Would your company withstand these attacks?

Following Sean’s discussion, Alex Shoykhet will explain how Viewfinity’s solution allows enterprises to control end user and privileged user rights for applications and systems which require elevated permissions. He’ll provide a brief demo of the product’s granular-level controls that help companies enforce consistent policies for least privilege Windows-based environments based on segregation of duties.