Symantec Ghost records its second significant victory in the Systems Management category, yanking a large percentage of voters away from numerous competitors to stake its claim as Best OS Migration Tool. The product's landslide victory is noteworthy, considering two different products claimed this honor in 2003 and 2002.

Symantec Ghost's imaging capabilities make the product ideal for PC rollouts and hardware migration, letting you efficiently standardize not only OSs but also applications. The product lets you deploy or restore an OS image onto a PC in minutes and easily migrate a user's "personality," including settings and profiles. You can handily clone large numbers of PCs within a networked enterprise environment, and you can also benefit from remote-management and postcloning capabilities. You no longer need to endure repetitive systems administration tasks such as downloading image files to multiple workstations. Additionally, applications and settings are safeguarded during the configuration process to ensure the proper function of networked machines.

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2nd Place — bv-Admin for Windows Migration
3rd Place — NetIQ Migration Suite