A. To use Network Monitor to capture the GUID of a PXE client (e.g., a NetPC, PC98, or PC99 client), perform the following steps:

  1. Start Network Monitor by selecting "Network Monitor" from the "Network Analysis Tools" Start menu Programs folder.
  2. Start a packet capture--I explain how to do this at this FAQ
  3. Reboot the PXE client, and press F12 to begin a network boot (you might have to enable network boot in the BIOS).
  4. Stop the packet capture, and look for a DHCP Discover packet.
  5. Double-click the DHCP Discover packet, expand the DHCP Discover section, and expand the DHCP Option section.
  6. Click unrecognized option 97 (0x61) to display a hexadecimal string of digits.
  7. Skip the first 6 highlighted digits, and record the remaining 32 highlighted digits. Those 32 digits are your client's GUID. You can use the GUID to prestage your Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS) clients.