My company has a limited Help desk support staff, and the systems administrators are few and busy. I want to reduce the number of calls that Help desk staff members receive. Can I give users permission to create file and printer shares on their desktops without giving them full Administrator access (users could then share local resources without calling on Help desk or systems administrator resources)?

To let users share local resources, you must add your users' domain accounts to the local workstation built-in Power Users group. (By default, no user accounts are members of the Power Users group.) Power Users have all Users group privileges plus additional privileges. Among the additional privileges is the ability to share local directories and printers. Table 1 shows the privileges that the Users and Power Users groups have. The Power Users group exists only on workstations and servers that aren't domain controllers (DCs). Remember that for backup and security reasons, letting users share folders on their workstations isn't a good idea.