PowerShell is powerful, for sure. But, with that power comes great, uh, responsibility. Part of that responsibility is ensuring commands can be run remotely, and by the right people. If you need to adjust the Access Control List for utilizing PowerShell commands on remote computers, you'll first need to know how to open the UI for managing and modifying the ACLs.

Do this:

1. As an Administrator, run the following at a PowerShell prompt:

Set-PSSessionConfiguration -ShowSecurityDescriptorUI -Name Microsoft.PowerShell –Force

2. You'll be prompted to ensure that the WinRM service is running. Answer "Y" (Yes) to start the Windows service.

3. Once the service is started the Access Control applet will run, allowing you to make modifications

We'll go deeper into PowerShell remoting in future articles, but, this will get you started down the path and give you another "cool thing" to know.