The Microsoft article "OL2000: Additional Command-Line Switches" ( describes a /cleanviews command-line switch that removes view customizations. Does it clean up views in public folders as well as in my mailbox?

I ran some tests and, yes, starting Outlook with the /cleanviews switch did remove a custom view that I had created on a public folder with the scope on this folder visible to everyone (which means that the view definition was stored in that folder). However, starting Outlook with /cleanviews didn't remove custom views on folders that I didn't own.

If you're considering using /cleanviews to remove a corrupted view from a mailbox or folder, consider using the mdbvu32.exe tool from the Exchange Server CD-ROM or the OutlookSpy tool from instead. Both these tools let you remove one view without affecting other custom views; /cleanviews removes all views. "Outlook Tips & Techniques," June 2000, InstantDoc ID 8650, explains where Outlook stores its custom views.