Microsoft has updated the Management Pack for Operations Manager 2012 to support the R2 wave of releases.

BranchCache is a Microsoft technology that caches content to help reduce branch office WAN saturation. Available in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2, the technology gives local clients the intelligence to access locally stored copies of data, even when the source resides at a remote location. In essence, the data that you specify will be stored in both places and updated between the source and the cached copy so that the mirrored copy is always up-to-date, while maintaining a secure source.

The Management Pack for BranchCache monitors and reports on potential issues, allowing admins to be proactive to ensure remote clients have accessible data. It also provides a full diagram of the BranchCache deployment, among other things.

The updated Management Pack is here: Windows BranchCache Management Pack for Operations Manager 2012