Several strong candidates vied for top honors as the best load-balancing solution, but Radware Web Server Director (WSD) emerged as our readers' first choice by a narrow margin of 3 percentage points. Load-balancing products are either software or a combination of hardware and software that determines the most efficient way to route client requests over an IP network such as a multiserver Web site. WSD consists of Radware's Multi-Gigabit Layer 4­7 Application Switching hardware and a software component called SynApps Application Aware services, which work together to balance traffic for Web server farms and other IP applications. The software services include Advanced Health Monitoring, Traffic Redirection, Bandwidth Management, Intrusion Prevention, and Denial of Service (DoS) Protection. WSD intelligently routes Web traffic and provides redundancy and fault tolerance to ensure uptime for IP networks. uses Radware WSD to ensure that the 5 to 6 million users who access its site daily can view weather information 24 x 7.

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2nd Place — LEGATO AAM
LEGATO Software
3rd Place — Quest SharePlex
Quest Software