A. If you expand your ISA array, expand Network Configuration and select Routing you will see a "Default rule". If you right click on the default rule and select Properties and select the Action tab you will see 'Automatically dial out' but none of your entries are shown.

You first need to run a VBS script which is in the \sdk\samples\admin\scripts folder of the ISA CD called Add_DOD.vbs however you will need to edit it first.

' Copyright (c) 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

' This script will add new Dialup Entry and set the Dialup Entry Credentials.
' After that the script will set one Routing rule to use the new Dialup Entry

Sub SetDialupEntry()
Set ISA = CreateObject("FPC.Root")
Set Arrays = ISA.Arrays

arrayname = InputBox("Please enter the array name, or for the first array:")

If arrayname = "" Then
Set arr = Arrays(1)
' Look for the specified array
On Error Resume Next
Set arr = Arrays(arrayname)

If Err.Number 0 Then
MsgBox "The array specified array was not found"
Exit Sub
End If
End If

'Add Dialup Entry
Set objDialupEntry = Arr.PolicyElements.DialupEntries.Add ("ISA_DISPLAY", "RAS_ENTRY")
'Set the Dialup entry credentials
objDialupEntry.Credentials.UserName = "UserName" 'Enter here your username
objDialupEntry.Credentials.Password = "Password" 'Enter here your password
objDialupEntry.AuthenticationEnabled = True


'Select routing rule and set the Autodial to the added Dialup Entry
Set objRoutingRule= arr.NetworkConfiguration.RoutingRules(1)
objRoutingRule.PrimaryRoute.AutoDialOut.SetAutoDial True,"ISA_DISPLAY" objRoutingRule.Save

MsgBox "Done"
End Sub


You need to change the items in Purple. The first, ISA_DISPLAY should be the display name as it should be displayed in ISA, the next is the actual RAS entry name. Set the correct connection username and password. Finally set the autodialout to the dialout entry name.

Now double click the VBS file, you will be asked for the array (just press Enter).

Once done it should be selected under the Default Rule.

If you have any problems and want to remove the dial up entries run Remove_Unused_DialupEntries.vbs script in the same directory and try again!