Described by readers as a product that's stable and reliable and has great support, GFI Software's GFI FAXmaker for Exchange won the Best Fax Server award for the third consecutive year. This year, 31 percent of readers voted for this native fax connector for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Stablility and reliability aren't the only features that people like about GFI FAXmaker. Administrators also appreciate that it fully integrates with Exchange, which reduces their administration tasks and increases their efficiency. GFI FAXmaker fully integrates with Active Directory (AD) as well, so administrators don't need to maintain a separate fax user database and can directly apply user-related settings to Windows users or groups.

End users like GFI FAXmaker, too, because they can send and receive faxes and Short Message Service (SMS) messages directly from Microsoft Outlook. They can even receive faxes in PDF format. The only feature that end users might not like is the call-blocking feature that lets administrators block specific fax numbers.

GFI Software
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2nd Place — ACCPAC FAXserve 7 for Windows
ACCPAC International
3rd Place — NET SatisFAXtion