Microsoft has a lot of Surface RT stock sitting on shelves somewhere. You might call that 'somewhere' Microsoft's Area 51, where innovative technology disappears from the public eye to be stored in a bunker full of other 'alien' technology like Clippy, Microsoft Bob, and Windows Vista. As you've probably read, Microsoft took a huge hit on the tabletsrunning Windows RT. Some would call it a disaster. Personally, I don’t blame Microsoft or Windows RT for the poor inaugural release. Instead, I blame the media. I may dig deeper into that in a future article if the mood hits me just right so keep watch.

To help ease the stock shelves of their heavy burdens, Microsoft Germany took 88 Surface RTs and built, what could be, the world's largest digital piano ever. They did it by making each Surface RT a single piano key and enlisting the help of 4 Microsoft employees to play a simple tune.

See what you think.