By now you've heard about the extraordinary, blow-out deal that Microsoft offered TechEd 2013 North America attendees. During TechEd 2013 North America Microsoft created a mass hysteria that really set the tone for the entire week by offering Surface RT's and Surface Pro's at crazy-Eddie prices. If you missed it, you can read all the details in Microsoft Surface Blow-out Sale for TechEd 2013 Attendees, and then read my musings about the deal, post-event here: Crazy Eddie or just Crazy: Microsoft Surface Sales at TechEd 2013.

In the latter piece, I suggested that the same deal is rumored to be coming to WPC in July, but also that if the deal didn't emerge for TechEd Europe 2013 people would be upset. TechEd Europe attendees can now rest easy as Microsoft just announced that the same Surface deal, is indeed, being organized for TechEd Europe.

Read the announcement here: Special Surface Offer for TechEd Europe 2013 Attendees

In the announcement, Microsoft details the devices, prices, the dates, the limitations, and who is eligible for the deal. Here's a quick glance:

Devices and Prices

  • Surface RT 64GB standalone (with FREE touch cover) for €79.99 for EU customers and £69.99 GBP for UK customers
  • Surface Pro 128GB standalone for €349.99 for EU customers and £299.99 for UK customers

Eligible attendees

  • Full Conference Pass Attendees
  • Partner Attendee and Booth Staff Passes
  • Faculty and Students
  • Press
  • 3rd Party Speakers
  • 3rd Party Staff

For those attending TechEd Europe 2013, new to the Microsoft Surface, and have to decide between a RT and Pro unit, check out this comparison: Surface Pro vs. Surface RT: An honest comparison. There are those that purchased at TechEd 2013 North America who could have used that article prior to attending.

Post-TechEd, members of The Krewe (one of the TechEd communities) have posted their findings and information on the TechEd North America Surface dealon their Facebook page. Lots of members have shared their tips and tricks and also their initial experiences with the devices. A quick jump out to the myITforum ongoing Surface coverage should provide more than enough tips and tricks to get you started: myITforum Surface Coverage