When Apple released the iPhone and the iPad there was an explosion of 3rdparty add-ons and accessories. When Microsoft released the Windows Phone and the Microsoft Surface (RT/Pro), the market was slow to catch on, primarily because accessory vendors were wary of the Microsoft device proposals. Who would buy an accessory for a device no one purchased?

Slowly, new accessories for the Microsoft Surface have "surfaced" (pun semi-intended). And, while you can find cables and some USB adapters, the majority of the 3rdparty Microsoft Surface accessory market is geared more toward producing cases of all sorts. If you jump out to Amazon.com right now, you'll see what I mean. Even Microsoft's own Surface storeis filled with ho-hum add-ons. There's just nothing as exciting as what Apple's ecosystem has produced.

So, an email I received got me a bit enthusiastic that maybe the 3rdparty accessory market for the Surface might finally be making movements. One of the huge accessory let-downs, for me, has been the unavailability of a charging adapter for the car. Rushing to the airport I like to keep my devices charging until the very last second before I have to exit the vehicle and check-in at the airport kiosk. Traveling is definitely less stressful when you don't have to worry about how much juice your devices have left. I've gone as far as to purchase the Braven Wireless Bluetooth speakerto carry with me on my travels because it's also a portable charging device. But, still, the Braven provides no value for the Microsoft Surface since the tablet has a unique, proprietary charging port.

The email I received led me to the MCT, Inc. web site (http://mikegyver.com). MCT, Inc. produces all sorts of adapters for various devices including Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones. But, now they also produce and sell car adapters and external batteries for the Microsoft Surface. The accessories are a bit pricey, which is why I only picked up the car adapter, but hopefully, as more vendors get on the Surface bandwagon, prices will come down.

You can check out both the car adapter and the external battery here: Microsoft Surface External battery and Car adapter

You can purchase just the adapter, just the external battery, or MCT, Inc. offers both in a product kit.