This ebook provides a general overview of some of the legal issues relating to ESI, eDiscovery, and applicable record retention requirements. It's not intended to be an exhaustive discussion nor is it intended to constitute legal advice.

The information presented is based on statutes and regulations in effect at the time the ebook was developed. The information may be changed or affected by recent developments. With that, the eBook was written in an attempt to inject humor into the task of learning about eDiscovery, while adopting a “Bartender” theme. The chapters:

  • eDiscovery Explained: No, It’s Not an Afterhours “Team Building Exercise”
  • Looking Behind the Bar: Behind the New FRCP Amendments
  • Last Call: When is Notice of Litigation Given and What Does that Mean for Corporate Legal?
  • How ESI Sausage Is Made: The Corporate ESI Infrastructure Explained, Sorta
  • Getting Rid of the Smoking Gun: Data Retention Policies and Human Nature
  • A GC, a CEO and an IT Guy Walk into a Bar: eDiscovery is a “Whole Company” Process
  • A Litigation Hold: It’s Like Being Hung Over In Court—It’s Always Worse than You Thought and Never Seems to End
  • Spoliation: It’s Not a Description of Denny Crane