Per our sister site, MSPmentor, Dell recently lifted the guillotine blade and let it fall sharply on PacketTrap MSP, PacketTrap PSA, and Foglight NMS development and support. The software pieces were part of an acquisition of Quest Software in July 2012. Obviously, Dell weighed the options and decided that the applications were not part of its plan to move the company forward. Dell is currently embroiled in an attempt to take the company private, allowing less public focus on performance so they can reinvent the business.

To grab business for its Manage Workplace platform, AVG is entering the phone booth and emerging with a cape, offering a swap promotion where current PacketTrap customers can migrate to AVG's platform for free.

The promotion has already started and continues until 11:59 pm EST on November 30th, 2013. The details on the offer, and the registration form is available here: