Have you had to restore a backup file just to perform a five-minute task? What a pain! First you have to search for a server with enough space, then you spend hours waiting for the restore to complete.
With SQL virtual database from Idera, you gain immediate access to the information in your backups without the hassle. SQL virtual database is a revolutionary, patent-pending technology that allows instant-access to critical data in a backup file without wasting the time or storage necessary to restore the database.
Here are just a few examples of how you can save time, storage space, and hassle by creating virtual databases:
· Attach a backup of your SharePoint database as a virtual database and recover a SharePoint document in 10 minutes rather than 4 hours!
· Satisfy auditor requirements in minutes by comparing permissions between your production database and a virtual database created from last quarter’s backup
· Use your backups as database snapshots to accurately recover data or objects from any point-in-time
Try a 14-day free trial of SQL virtual database; then send Idera your example of how you use SQL virtual database and be entered to win a new Netbook.