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Ask executives at small and midsize companies to name their guiding principles, and you’re guaranteed to hear them talk about getting the best value for their money. That’s true for decisions of every kind — whether it’s renting additional office space, making new hires or building up the technology infrastructure that’s so critical to the business’s growth in the first place.

A lot goes into how the executives make their value calculations. When it comes to refreshing their onsite servers, for example, company leaders consider upfront costs, but also ongoing returns. That includes increasing administrator productivity and system performance, and decreasing downtime. Those moving to a client-server network from a peer-to-peer PC network contemplate the long-term advantages of greater system extensibility, faster access speeds and enhanced security, but understandably also have an eye on minimizing initial costs.

Our exclusive study looks at server evaluation criteria and purchase plans among SMBs as well as solutions for updating their infrastructures to prepare for business growth.

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