In What is the ServerQuarium?I talked a little bit about the history of HP’s incredible and powerful traveling VM server zoo. I also included a video released by the folks at Channel 9, giving a full tour of the ServerQuarium.

With MMS 2013behind us, and TechEd NAa few weeks out, what does the ServerQuarium do during the downtime? Is it packed on a circus train headed for New Orleans?

If you’re interested in what the ServerQuarium is up to as its prepped for the move to TechEd, you can follow its activity online, on Twitter.

Twitter account to follow: @Serverquarium

Initiated on April 8thas MMS 2013 kicked off, the Twitter feed holds some interesting stats. For example, on the first day of MMS 2013, 8,248 VMs were launched.

But on day three…

That’s some seriously amazing stuff! Follow the Twitter account to keep tabs on what's next.