Intel has released their 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide to help match the gadget to the geek in your life and ensure your place in the hero halls of 2013. It's amazing how you can treat someone like crap all year long, but give them the perfect Christmas gift and all is forgiven. So, if you've done some nefarious things this past year, or are planning on doing something especially reprehensible at the beginning of 2014, Intel's new guide will guarantee you safe passage through one or two screw-ups. Christmas is truly a magic time. Take advantage of it.

The new guide is actually pretty useful, providing four different categories filled with some top gadgets for each, along with specs and pricing (for most). The categories are:

  • 2 in 1 devices (devices that can be a tablet and a laptop)
  • Tablets (devices that are tablet-only)
  • Chromebooks (only one entry here)
  • Portable All-in-ones (this is confusing. Exactly what is the difference between a 2 in 1 and an all-in-one?)

Download the guide (PDF): Intel's 2013 Holiday Buyer's Guide