Whether the motivation is a reduced carbon footprint or to save money by powering off idle computers –or both–organizations everywhere are looking to power management capabilities to help reduce wasted energy and control energy costs.

Few areas in IT management can achieve more immediate and quantifiable return on investment than the introduction of automated power management solutions for enterprise systems. Primary research conducted by EMA™ analysts has identified automated power management as providing among the greatest cost reduction and green IT benefits with the least capital and infrastructure support investment. The savings opportunities derive principally from the sheer volume of deployed desktops that are left operational during long periods of inactivity, consuming operational expenses with no value returned to the business. Most organizations understand the potential energy and cost savings of a power management program, but struggle with how to implement and track it. Learn how to overcome these challenges in a live webinar.

In this informative, one-hour session you will discover how to successfully implement power management within your organization and how to effectively quantify and track the potential cost savings. You’ll also learn what to look for in a tool to help.

Register today and join Greg Shields of Concentrated Technologies and systems management experts from Dell™ KACE™ for this live session. You will walk away with:

  • Tips on how to streamline a potentially complex and time-consuming process–power policy implementation and enforcement– into a fast and easy process.
  • Guidelines on how to implement automated client shutdown policies based on a schedule or system inactivity.
  • An understanding of what to look for in a centralized power management solution.

One lucky attendee will receive a Dell XPS10 tablet.

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