Wednesday, April 9, 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

Evolving to support the needs of today’s workforce, on-demand application environments, and new cloud computing models is no easy task. Many teams struggle with where to start, or how to leverage existing investments while moving toward a Service-centric IT model. With the flexibility & variety of tools available in today’s cloud computing ecosystem, it’s within reach of everyone to deploy cloud on their terms, at any size & scale.

Join Dell for a discussion on private cloud that will include:

  • Solutions & use cases for Private & Hybrid cloud;
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud management methods;
  • Cloud application integration (PaaS);
  • Examples for leveraging cloud to expand on-premise workload capacity during peak cycles.

Enable YOUR cloud with solutions from Dell and Microsoft Cloud capability is the intersection of IT, End Users and information without limits.

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Kristine Lindely

Kristine Lindely, Senior Strategist at Dell, focuses on datacenter convergence, cloud & next gen IT trends. Ms. Lindely brings over 18 years of industry experience in the area of datacenter strategy, information management, high availability solutions, as well as compliance & governance. Prior to joining Dell in 2005, Kristine provided systems design & consulting for several Enterprise solution providers, and systems engineering at corporations such as Boeing and Fannie Mae managing complex application & datacenter environments.

Ms. Lindely has extensive experience in design and implementation of enterprise physical & virtual environments, disaster recovery, storage & networking. She frequently presents on these topics at industry events and webcasts, and has authored numerous articles on these topics.