Large and touchable, that's how I'd describe the new design for Microsoft's rollout of the improved Server and Cloud Platform web site. I can definitely envision using this on a Windows tablet, but really why would I want to use it on a tablet?

Check out the new site and see if you agree:

Still, the new site focuses on Microsoft's vision and messaging about the Cloud OS, which is probably the most important key to Microsoft's future. The Cloud OS will touch everything from the newly acquired Nokia devices down to the last of the lingering the on-premise applications. As an IT Pro there's simply no way around needing to learn about this stuff since you'll eventually be working through all of it.

One of the more unfortunate aspects of the design is that it links directly to Brad Anderson's blog. Brad is the corporate VP over Windows Server and System Center at Microsoft. Brad's blog is not bad, and neither is Brad (he's a good friend), it's just that the new site design is phenomenally cool, yet Brad's blog is still sporting a pretty mundane look and feel. It's like spending a couple hours at the circus with a friend and then him suggesting you stop off at 7-Eleven on the way home for soda and Hot Pockets.