At July's Cloud Identity Summit, I recorded a podcast with Brian Kissel,  CEO of Janrain Software and Chairman of the Board for the OpenID Foundation.

OpenID is a very popular authentication standard that minimizes the need to keep creating unique userids for every new website service you use. It does this by re-using one of your existing userid from one of many websites to authenticate to the new site. If, for example,  the website you want to register on supports OpenID, you can simply use one of your existing accounts on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or a number of other internet identity providers to register or login.

Today, OpenID authenticates over a billion accounts across the web; whether you're aware of it or not, you're already using OpenID. This podcast explains what OpenID is, why it's so popular, and its future.

 Brian Kissel on OpenID (MP3, 22 min)