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Unauthorized use of shared accounts extracts a heavy toll on businesses every year. A shared account's weakness of not having 1-to-1 employee-to-account assurance means you never really know what employees (or how many of them) are active on one of these accounts at a given time. Compounding this weakness is the fact that many shared accounts are also privileged accounts with broad rights across many functional areas - thus adding power to their obscurity. This potent combination enables inadvertent or intentional interruption of service, malware infections, exfiltration of confidential documents, and the inability to determine exactly who is doing the damage.

And yet, we often can't operate without shared accounts because they're an essential component of our IT infrastructure. In this webinar, Windows IT Pro's technical director Sean Deuby will review the reasons you may have shared accounts, the risks associated with them, and what you should be doing to both understand and mitigate those risks.

Also important to note is that, IT is responsible for monitoring privileged access to high-value servers and attribute actions to the right administrative user. Shared accounts are sometimes necessary, but they always create unanticipated risk without the right management and monitoring controls. Centrify’s senior product manager Brad Zehring will demonstrate how Centrify Server Suite for Windows uses privilege elevation and auditing of individual users to eliminate the risks of using shared accounts and help IT achieve its goals for auditing and regulatory compliance.

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Sean Deuby, technical director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro, has over 25 years' experience in enterprise IT. He began his IT career running Texas Instruments' IBM VM systems, then helped design, deploy, and support TI's first Windows NT 3.5 worldwide infrastructure. He spent 10 years with Intel Corporation, where he was one of the architects of Intel's corporate Active Directory forest and the design engineer of the directory services team. A longtime contributing editor before joining the magazine, Sean has written many articles and a book on Windows Server and Active Directory, and speaks on these topics at conferences around the world. Microsoft has awarded Sean the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) distinction for directory services every year since 2004.

Brad Zehring is the Senior Product Manager for Windows products at Centrify. He has over 30 years of experience in technology, and has held product management and executive positions with software companies focused on design, information systems, security, and data center operations.