A: If you have a large number of objects and need to get a count of them or generate statistics on them, you have a couple options. 

The first is to pass the output to the PowerShell measure-object cmdlet. Here it is in action, showing what it returned:

PS C:\> get-command | measure-object

  1. <br>
  2. Count : 994<br>
  3. Average :<br>
  4. Sum :<br>
  5. Maximum :<br>
  6. Minimum :<br>
  7. Property :

Another way would be to just get the count property of the command. You enter the following command and it returns just the count property, which you can see below:


PS C:\> (get-command).count
  1. <br>
  2. 994

Other options exist, such as using a custom variable incrementing, but the above two options are probably the easiest.