A. VMM contains a number of PowerShell cmdlets, including the Get-VM cmdlet, which gathers a huge amount of information about each VM, including its status. You can use the format-table cmdlet to show only specific information, such as VMs' names and status, as shown below.

The command

                              get-vm | format-table ComputerNameString, Status -auto                              

gives me

                              ComputerNameString Status                              ------------------ ------                              SAVDALDC11.savilltech.net Running                              savdalclient.savilltech.net Running                              savdaldc10.savilltech.net Running                              savdalwss10.savilltech.net Running                              savdalscvmm.savilltech.net Running                              savdalts01.savilltech.net Running                              SAVDALRODC01.savilltech.net Running                              savdalex01.savilltech.net Running                              

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