If you're not already sick of holiday music, here's some Jingle Bell music we found during a quick sleigh ride over the Internet. Too young to remember Tandy Computers? After experiencing ten seconds of this YouTube video you'll thank your lucky stars the 1970s are over.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft offers a classic as well. Find it at Microsoft TechNet Script Center. The catch is, you have to know PowerShell. If you need a little help with that, try our PowerShell 101 series.

And finally, if you were the kid in the class who drove everyone nuts by dragging your fingernails across the chalkboard, you might enjoy these sounds from Data Cent data recovery services. (Alternatively, they're great for springing on the adult equivalent of that kid, who works in the cubicle next to you.) It's not as good as "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," but some might say these sounds strike a chord with something primitive and slightly rusty inside all of us. We're talking desperate hard drives.