Has Microsoft gone too far in pushing patches?

Recently a Change.org petition was started to ask Microsoft to offer more control of what patches it pushes out to Windows 10 years (particularly in regards to how it forced patch bundles), just days after accidentally pushing a Windows 10 upgrade on Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. Has Microsoft been too aggressive in pushing updates, or is this needed to ensure a more security Windows ecosystem for all?

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on Oct 21, 2015

we need to have control over this. We all know corporations are different on the inside. I'm in healthcare, we have 40+ applications and vendors are just now moving away from IE8. MS cant decide what functions we would like or need. They dont know this PC cant update .NET or the app will break. MS cant decide what is a security issue for me or not.

on Oct 21, 2015

This is what's called a "double barreled question" in questionnaire design - and is a big No No. It's impossible to answer as Yes/No.

Microsoft doesn't seem to think there's anything between individual retail customers and huge enterprises. Small businesses need a better way to keep control of the PC's that belong to them, not to Microsoft.

on Oct 20, 2015

When you ask a question and part of the question contains the conjunction "or" how does one answer "yes" or "no"? One I am okay with the increase in patches, but some advanced notice would be very much appreciated. You get 27 patches for 4 different systems on Friday. You arrange all of them to be installed over the weekend minimizing user downtime and then Monday 12 more patches show up 4 of them critical. I am at a loss of how to keep up. Do I need to hire a "patch Engineer" intern to take care of this? Come on Microsoft... get your act together.

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