Just a heads-up on this one as we’re currently tracking the impact, but MS16-072: Security update for Group Policy is reported to be causing issues for many customers.

Some possible problems caused by the update:

  • Drive mappings don’t work
  • Settings changed through GPO are no longer retained
  • Shortcuts to applications on user's desktops are missing

The offending update is KB3159398 and uninstalling it brings everything back to normal, or as one person stated in this thread

I can confirm that our broken GPO's were missing the Read permission for Authenticated Users on the delegation tab.  Once that was added back the GPO's processed as expected, but clearly this is a change from the patch. It would be nice to know if the patch will be fixed, or do we need to start "fixing" GPO permissions.

UPDATE: Update on KB3163622 That Breaks Group Policy: It’s Not Me, It’s You