Q: Why isn’t there animation for .gif files embedded in an Outlook 2007 message?

A: Versions of Microsoft Office Outlook prior to Outlook 2007 rendered HTML messages using the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) rendering engine. Outlook 2007 uses Microsoft Word 2007 components to compose and render HTML messages. For the most part, using Word 2007 rendering instead of lE rendering doesn’t cause problems; however, Word 2007 does not parse animated .gif files the same way the IE Web browser does. Word shows only the first image layer in an animated .gif file. This is similar to looking at the first frame of a cartoon reel. If you embed an animated .gif in an Outlook HTML message, and the recipient views the message in Outlook 2003 or earlier HTML, then they will see the animation. Outlook 2007 eliminates this little tidbit of user joy.