Available for OneNote 2010 and 2013, Onetastic is a powerful add-on for everyone's favorite Microsoft app, OneNote.

Developed by Microsoft OneNote team developer, Omer Atay, in his spare time, OneTastic really adds some umph to OneNote. At its core, Onetastic is a macro language for OneNote, bringing automation processing to the application. But, even further, custom macros can be uploaded and shared (think IFTTT) to Macroland, a spot dedicated to social sharing.

Using the macro editor is pretty simple, particularly if you are familiar using Outlook "Rules." It works much the same way and has a similar interface.

The recent update brings powerful sorting macros to Onetastic, including:

  • Sort Pages: Sort pages in current section by name, preserves page/subpage hierarchy
  • Sort Pages by Date: Sort pages in current section by created or last modified date, ascending or descending
  • Sort Sections: Sort sections in current Notebook by name
  • Sort Notebooks: Sort open notebooks by name
  • Sort Paragraphs: Sort selected paragraphs or list items alphabetically or numerically, preserves list hierarchy
  • Sort Table: Sort selected column or the whole table alphabetically or numerically, ascending or descending

Download Onetastic here: Download Page