You can prevent users from syncing specific file types with their OneDrive for business. The following steps of this article will illustrate how you can block users from syncing specific file types in their OneDrive for Business Office 365.


  1. Open in your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in with your Office 365 global admin account.
  3. Go to admin center.

4. In Office 365 admin center, expand Admin centers and then click OneDrive.

5. In OneDrive admin center, click Sync in left pane.
6. Click the checkbox, ‘Block syncing of specific file types’ and then click ‘Edit extensions’
7. In the edit box, type the file extensions with period or anything else.
8. When you are done with typing the file extensions, click Save.

You are done. Now, as soon as someone copy paste the forbidden file types in their OneDrive folder they will get an error similar to following screenshot.