Over the course of the last 10 days we have been walking through various aspects of the Microsoft Teams app/site interface and sharing tips on how to build out your team space and use many of the features that are available for the collaboration service.

Next up to help you learn more about this free add-on for Office 365 Business and Enterprise customers is a training course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) that is made up of two key parts with each of them containing several segments.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams in Preview

  • Microsoft Teams Introduction
  • Teams and Channels
  • Productive Chat
  • Private Conversations
  • Meetings
  • Tabs and Connectors
  • Bots

Deploy and Manage Microsoft Teams

  • Foundation of Microsoft Teams
  • Infrastructure Guidance
  • Network Planning
  • Bandwidth Considerations
  • Office 365 Admin Portal
  • Client Rollout
  • Chat Services

Each of the above modules also includes links to additional resources and the MVA Forums for further questions and discussions.

Here is the course so you can get started.

Be sure to check out our own Quick Tips for Microsoft Teams from the last 10 days:

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