A. Non-Active Directory (AD)-integrated zones (i.e., zones that don't store content in AD) use a file to store zone content. Zone names that contain reserved words will violate certain OS rules and result in an error.

Reserved words that you can't use as part of a DNS zone name are

  • AUX
  • COM1
  • COM2
  • COM3
  • COM4
  • CON
  • LPT1
  • LPT2
  • LPT3
  • NUL
  • PRN

Example invalid zone names include nul.savilltech.com and con.windows2000faq.com. To create a valid DNS zone name, you must either select other words or use the Dnscmd utility to create the zone. Dnscmd lets you use a /file switch to specify the physical filename you want to use. For example,

DNSCMD /zoneadd con.windows2000faq.com /primary /file conzone.com.dns