ACCPAC International's ACCPAC Messenger system is a client/server-based communications solution that integrates voice messaging and faxing into your computer network. Users can receive and manage voice and fax messages from their PC, Microsoft Outlook, or a telephone interface. The software has several alerting, forwarding, and fax-routing capabilities and integrates with standard SMTP/ POP3 email and other business applications.

ACCPAC Messenger includes Voice Server, Internet Fax Server, and Wireless Message Server. Voice Server integrates into your telephone system to provide voicemail messaging, voice broadcasting and notification, interactive voice response scripting, and multilevel auto attendant. Internet Fax Server lets mailbox subscribers send and receive faxes through the ACCPAC Internet Fax Service. Mailbox subscribers can obtain a personal inbound fax number at a location near them, so they don't need onsite hardware. Wireless Message Server provides wireless message delivery to text message-enabled pagers or mobile phones. Messages can originate from any ACCPAC Messenger-enabled client such as Outlook 2002 or Windows Explorer. Built-in notification features alert you when fax and voice messages arrive in your mailbox.

One enthusiastic reader told us, "This is a really amazing product. Who wouldn't want to receive their voice mail directly into their email? The IP fax is fabulous, there's no hardware cost, and it's very stable. I can retrieve faxes wherever I travel."

ACCPAC International
Pleasanton, California
Starts at $895