A. On a server with DHCP installed, use the Netsh command to manage DHCP server authorization. If the DHCP component isn’t installed, the Netsh command won’t have the necessary DHCP options.

To show all currently authorized DHCP servers, use the Netsh DHCP Show Server command as shown below:

netsh dhcp show server
1 Servers were found in the directory service:
Server \[savdaldc02.savilltech.net\] Address \[\] Ds location:
Command completed successfully.

To unauthorize a server, use the Netsh DHCP Add Server <server name> <server IP address> command. To remove a server use the Netsh DHCP Delete Server <server name> <server IP address> command. If a server on the list doesn’t have a name, use a period in the Delete command for the server name: Netsh DHCP Delete Server . <server address>.