When you open Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2, and press the Tools / Manage Add-Ons menu, the Manage Add-ons dialog displays the following columns:

If you right-click a heading, you can select the following optional columns:
<b>Last Accessed
Class ID
In Folder
Unfortunately, the next time you open the Manage Add-ons dialog, the optional columns are NOT remembered.

I have scripted ManageAddonColumns.bat to force Internet Explorer to remember your selection.

To use ManageAddonColumns.bat, first close all instances of Internet Explorer. Then open a CMD.EXE window and run:

ManageAddonColumns ColumnLetter1 \[ColumnLetter2 ... ColumnLetterN\]

Where each ColumnLetter is the first letter of the optional column heading that you want remembered. The case and sequence of the ColumnLetter is NOT important. To remember all the optional columns, run:

ManageAddonColumns L U B C I V

NOTE: An optional Z ColumnLetter will cause Internet Explorer to Zero (forget) all the previously remembered optional columns (ManageAddonColumns Z).

ManageAddonColumns.bat contains:

@echo on
if \{%1\}<h1><a name="_echo_Syntax_ManageAddonColumns_ColumnLetter1_ColumnLetter2_ColumnLetterN_amp_goto_EOF_setlocal_set_a_sum_0_set_table_L0016U0032B0064C0128I0512V1024Z0000_Parms_if_1_">\{\} @echo Syntax: ManageAddonColumns ColumnLetter1 \[ColumnLetter2 ... ColumnLetterN\]&goto :EOF
set /a sum=0
set table=L0016U0032B0064C0128I0512V1024Z0000
if \{%1\}</a></h1>\{\} goto setit
set /a cnt=0
if %cnt% GTR 6 goto err
set /a pos=%cnt% * 5
call set char=%%table:~%pos%^,1%%
if /i "%1" NEQ "%char%" set /a cnt=%cnt% + 1&goto Cols
if /i "%1" EQU "Z" set /a sum=0
set /a pos=%pos% + 1
call set numw=%%table:~%pos%^,4%%
set /a num=10000%numw%%%10000
set /a sum=%sum% + %num%
goto Parms
reg add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main" /V ManageAddonColumns /T REG_DWORD /D %sum% /F
@echo Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")>"%TEMP%\ManageAddonColumns.vbs"
@echo oShell.Run "%SystemRoot%\System32\RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters", 1, True>>"%TEMP%\ManageAddonColumns.vbs"
cscript //nologo "%TEMP%\ManageAddonColumns.vbs"
del /q "%TEMP%\ManageAddonColumns.vbs"
goto :EOF
@echo Syntax: ManageAddonColumns - Invalid column letter.