After installing Windows 2000 SP4, you experience one or both of the following:

- Internet Explorer times out loading a Web page.

- Notifications of incoming calls in Windows NetMeeting are delayed by several minutes.

These behaviors will occur if Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2001 or Norton Personal Firewall 2001 are installed on your computer.

To fix the problem, contact Symantec technical support for an update:

Symantec Corp. & Symantec Norton Group                                 World Headquarters: (408) 517-8000                                 U.S.: (541) 335-5000                                 Customer Service (800) 441-7234                                  Customer Service (541) 335-7000                                 Main FAX: (541) 335-5100                                 Customer Service FAX: (541) 984-8020                                  World Wide Web: