To install Internet Explorer self-installing updates and patches from the command-line:

1. Download the update or patch.

2. Use the following command-line switches:

Switch D e s c r i p t i o n
/q Quiet mode -  suppresses prompts when files are being extracted.
/q:u User-quiet mode - presents dialog boxes to the user.
/q:a Administrator-quiet mode - does not present any dialog boxes to the user.
/t:path The target folder for extracting files.
/c Extracts the files without installing them.
/c:path The path and name of the Setup .inf or .exe file.
/r:n Do Not  restart the computer after installation.
/r:i Automatically restarts the computer if it is necessary to complete installation.
/r:a Always restarts the computer after installation.
/r:s Restarts the computer after installation without prompting the user.
/n:v No version checking - Install the program over any previous version. Microsoft will NOT support you if the use of this switch results in an unbootable system, or if the installation is unsuccessful.

NOTE: Some / all switches may NOT work on all updates.