The Netlogon service on a Windows 2000 domain controller will log one or more of these System events if it does NOT receive a 'success' message from the DNS server that owns the zone of the record that is being registered/deregistered.

The event log may contain:

   <b>Netlogon 5774</b> - Registration of the <b>DNS</b> record <record_name_and_dns_info> failed.

   <b>Netlogon 5775</b> - Deregistration of the <b>DNS</b> record <record_name_and_dns_info> failed.

   <b>Netlogon 5781</b> - Dynamic registration or deregistration of one or more <b>DNS</b> records failed.
The Netlogon service performs DDNS registrations and deregistrations when the service starts, at regular intervals theeafter, and when the service stops.

NOTE: See tip 2408 ยป How do I Enable/Disable Windows 2000 Dynamic DNS registrations?.

Possible reasons for NOT receiving a 'success' message are:

<b>Domain controller configuration:</b> <b>DNS</b> server entries in the TCP/IP properties of the
                                 domain controller are not properly configured.

<b>Connectivity:</b>                    This domain controller does not have IP, or TCP/UDP
                                 connectivity to the <b>DNS</b> servers that own the zones
                                 to which records need to be registered or deregistered.

<b>DNS server configuration:</b>        The <b>DNS</b> server cannot accept dynamic updates or is
                                 not configured to accept dynamic updates. If the <b>DNS</b>
                                 server that is used by the <b>DC</b> is not authoritative
                                 for the zones to which the <b>Netlogon</b> service is
                                 attempting to register or deregister, the <b>DNS</b> server
                                 must be able to provide this <b>DC</b> the IP address of the
                                 <b>DNS</b> servers that are authoritative for the affected zones.