When you type a word or common name into the Internet Explorer 5.x Address bar and press Go or Enter, you receive a list of Web sites that closes matches your search argument. This feature is called AutoSearch.

When you type a Web site name without the domain type, AutoScan searches for:

www.<Website>.com                              www.<Website>.edu                              www.<Website>.org                              <Website>.com                              <Website>.edu                              <Website>.org
AutoSearch and AutoScan are closely integrated, with AutoSearch occuring before AutoScan.

To modify or disable Address bar searches:

1. Control Panel / Internet Options.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Scroll to Search from the Address bar.

4. Select from one of the following:

    Display results, and go to the most likely site. This is the defualt setting.

    Do not search from the Address bar.

    Just display the results in the main window.

    Just go to the most likely site.

5. Press OK.

NOTE: You can not enable AutoScan and disable AutoSearch, or enable AutoSearch and disable AutoScan.

See tip 3053 » How do I use AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 5.x?