If you receive:
Event ID:501                              Source:DNS                              DNS Server zone xxxx has a missing or corrupt zone type in registry. Fix type, or delete from registry and recreate with DnsAdmin.                              Event ID: 500                              Source: DNS                              DNS Server zone xxxx has invalid or corrupt registry data. Delete it's registry data and recreate with DnsAdmin.                              Event ID: 7023                              Source: Service Control Module                              The Microsoft DNS Server Service terminated with the following error:                              The data is invalid 
you used the Notify option on one or more automatically created zones. If an IP address is specified in the zone properties or the Only Allow Access from Secondaries Included on Notify List option is enabled, then Notify is set on one or more of these automatically created zones:


To fix the problem, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


Locate the automatically created zone(s) and Delete it.

After exiting Regedt32, open a CMD prompt and type:

net start dns