After you install any program that uses the Microsoft Speech API, random words and characters are displayed in Office XP documents or in the Internet Explorer Address bar.

This behavior will occur if speech recognition is enabled and listening through you computer's microphone.

To determine if speech recognition is enabled, determine if the Sapisvr.exe process is running:

1. Open a CMD.exe window.

2. Type the following commands, pressing Enter after each line:

tsklst ProgramName
%ProgramName%|find /i "Sapisvr.exe"

3. If it is enabled, press the Microphone button on the Language bar so that neither Dictation nor Voice Command is displayed.

NOTE: If the Language bar is NOT visible:

1. Open Control Panel / Regional and Language Options.

2. Select the Languages tab.

3. Press Details under Text services and input languages.

4. Select Language Bar.

5. Check the Show the Language bar on the desktop box.

6. Press OK.