A. Microsoft has adopted the Microsoft Transfer Manager, a mechanism for downloading files from various Microsoft Web sites (e.g., beta software Web sites, the Microsoft Developer Network--MSDN--subscriber Web site). The Microsoft Transfer Manager application automatically installs and executes on the local computer the first time you download a file from a supported Web site.

The Microsoft Transfer Manager offers enhanced security and zero corruption, and lets you pause a download at any time or resume the download at a later time. However, when you resume a file download, you might have trouble determining how to restart the Microsoft Transfer Manager application.

Typically, the Web sites that support Microsoft Transfer Manager include a "Re-launch the File Transfer Manager" link. Alternatively, because the application resides in the \%systemroot%\downloaded program files folder, you can start transfermgr.exe to resume the file download. To ensure that you can quickly resume a file transfer, you can open Microsoft Transfer Manager, select Options, and select the "Place application shortcut on the desktop" check box.