You finally got your home networked. You can share files between computers, and you can print from any computer in your home. But get ready to take the next step: bring your integrated home together with a handheld control panel that gives you remote wireless access to take control of all your networked computers. AMX introduced the 8.4" Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel, an 802.11-based wireless handheld panel that lets you use a touch panel to do anything that you can accomplish on your PC.

The Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel has a user-friendly interface with icons that flip, spin, and morph. The screen has high brightness—800 x 600 pixels of resolution with 18-bit color depth and 8-bit transparency—and an antiglare overlay. This 2-pound machine, which operates on two battery packs for 4 hours of wireless operation, easily integrates into the home. You can mount the panel on optional accessories: a kickstand, a wall mount, or a table-top docking station.