By default, Windows 2000 doesn't install the Trivial FTP Daemon (TFTPD) service. You can install a third-party TFTPD server, but you can actually install the TFTPD service without a third-party server. Copy the tftpd.exe file from \%systemroot%\system32\dllcache to \%systemroot%\system32. Then, use the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit's Instsrv utility to create the service as follows.

                              instsrv tftpd c:\winnt\system32\tftpd.exe

To start the service, enter

                              net start tftpd

You have now created a TFTPD server on Win2K. To test the server, enter

                              tftp -i  put 

The service will create a directory named tftpdroot in \%SystemDrive%, and the file whose name you entered above will be in this directory.