LSI Logic Storage Systems and StorageTek have formed an alliance to develop alternatives for the open-systems storage market. Under the alliance, StorageTek will now be the worldwide master distributor of cobranded, open-storage products. LSI Logic will engineer and develop storage products that StorageTek will sell, install, and support.

LSI Logic plans to develop scalable, high-performance, high-availability disk-storage systems. These products will offer customers alternatives to storage solutions that vendors currently have on the market.

The companies' first products will be the D178 2GB Fibre Channel disk-storage system and SANtricity Storage Manager 8.0 storage-management software. The D178 is an enterprise-level, open-system disk solution that will let customers dynamically grow storage that fits their needs. SANtricity Storage Manager 8.0 is LSI Logic's latest version of centralized storage-management software.