Adaptec announced that it has completed the purchase of Elipsan , a developer of storage-virtualization software. Storage company Eurologic Systems formed Elipsan as an independent company in March 2003. Adaptec acquired Eurologic in April 2003 but didn't purchase Elipsan at that time. The Elipsan acquisition, which Adaptec announced last month, is valued at $19.5 million.
   Adaptec plans to increase its solutions' diversity by adding Elipsan's virtualization software to Adaptec's RAID subsystems, thereby negating the need for dedicated servers or other third-party software in achieving storage virtualization. "We're pleased to offer more cost-effective and time-saving options for managing storage, which are core benefits of Adaptec's end-to-end storage offering," Robert N. Stephens, Adaptec's president and CEO, said.&nbsp