On-Demand Web Seminar

Private cloud is all about taking back the resources you already have

With new releases like Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and increasing organizational compute needs – many organizations are thinking about their cloud options. Your challenges include trying to determine answers to questions like: What is the value of private cloud? What are the components you need? What is that management infrastructure? How does it differentiation from standard virtualization?

Watch this seminar to get answers to:

  • Key benefits of the private cloud and other cloud
  • Virtualization ≠Private Cloud
  • Next steps to a successful private cloud

Organizational challenges are driving IT requirements with expectations of immediate delivery on new technological needs, (as if IT were electricity) however when your IT departments are unable to deliver business units look for ways to bypass the IT department. This causes sprawl, silo-ization, and poor utilization. The private cloud is all about taking back the resources you already have.

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