I noticed today that there's a thousand (I'm exaggerating somewhat) news reports about how Microsoft has dropped prices on the Surface RT in the United States. We jumped on the news last week in Staples Dropping Surface RT 32GB by $150 on July 14, and then over the weekend updated the announcement when it was clear that Best Buy was also on board with the mass price decrease.

As the news broke one of the very first comments I received was about how the U.S. always gets these deals but Microsoft is notorious for leaving the UK out. Microsoft must have been listening because today they have announced a similar deal for all markets where the Surface is available, including the UK.

The UK link is here:  Buy a Surface RT now for only £ 279

And, to make it even more official, Microsoft has unveiled the general Surface RT pricing for their own online store. 

In the U.S. the 32GB Surface RT is $349 and the 64GB version is $449, and you can buy it online here:  Surface RT in the Microsoft Store